Quick-Step Flooring

Quick-Step Flooring

On-going research and innovation along with a strong focus on quality have made Quick-Step one of the top players in the flooring industry. The brand has evolved from being an affordable alternative to wood to a category in its own right, bringing a wide variety of design floors that are swift and easy to install and maintain in every situation.

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Arte Magnificent large tiles with subtle V-grooves
Classic Traditional Laminate floors without V-grooves
Creo Modern Laminate floors without V-grooves
Eligna Beautiful plank floors without V-grooves
Eligna Wide Extra wide plank floors without V-grooves
Elite Plank floors with subtle edging
Impressive Long and wide water-repellent planks with bevels
Impressive Ultra Long, wide and extra thick water-repellent planks with bevels
Largo Extra-long and extra wide planks with grooves
Perspective Beautiful plank floors with V-grooves
Perspective Wide Extra wide plank floors with V-grooves


Castello Elegant and long planks in different wood species
Compact Elegant planks with a renovation friendly thickness
Imperio Extra-long and extra-wide planks with an authentic look
Palazzo Long and wide oak planks
Variano Unique planks with a reclaimed look and pattern
Villa Extra-long and vivid oak planks